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Leaving game because of stupid Mod

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  • Leaving game because of stupid Mod

    I am BoltMan from server US2..I am rank number1 in most of the rankings on this server. A mod called Perry Hudson attacked my sub so i hit back. He/she became angry and called me names on world chat because he did not like being hit back. He stayed for about half an hour discussing the incident in a furious way and trying to stir me up to make me angry. He/she did not identify himself/herself as a mod. I was really pissed off by such behaviour so i called him names too. Then after i asked him/her to stop this conversation. he identified himself in a boastful and threatening way that he is a mod and that he/she was going to report the incident to his superiors. I hereby advise the team on this company that if you want to recruit a mod at least make sure that this mod knows how to communicate and how to be polite with others. I have been on This server for about a month. I have been very helpful to new players and always tried to guide others from my clan or from the opposite one. I have never been disrespectful to others but this so-called "Perry Hudson" made this game unplayable. So I decided to let you know that i am leaving this game for good. Thanks for your nice game

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    Actually It was not in a boastful way that I 'outed' myself as a PGM for vivagames if you actually recall the conversation I actually said, and I quote, " OK just so you know Boltman, I am a vivagames PGM and everything is being documented including all of my text so nothing can be taken out of context" I was in no way furious as to you attacking me all I asked is if you dont like me hitting your sub base then to hit mine in return not go out of your way to attack me at every available opportunity as that can be viewed as vengeful targeting and I think that is a reportable offense. I have no wish for you to quit the game. All I did in hitting your sub base is follow the game dynamics, as everyone knows one of the incidents of the 10 you can all do daily is raid a players base, I chose to attack a vastly superior base to many others and lost a lot of troops in the process to victory, in no way was my raid beneficial in materials, the only outcome I was trying to achieve was to complete an incident. You yourself chose to take that and turn it into a revengeful situation.
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