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Faction War

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  • Faction War

    Faction war is a server-wide event that’s available at set times every day. Participants are divided by Factions and everyone will set out from headquarters to occupy forts.
    How to win: players from two Factions should occupy forts and improve Glories. The Faction with more Glories will be the winner.
    Occupy forts: NPC defense troops are deployed in every forts. Players can defeat defense troops to occupy a fort and this fort will be protected for a short time. When protection time is over, the other Faction can launch attacks. There are some citadels in this territories and the Faction that occupied citadels can receive resource when the event ends.
    Participation: players should go to headquarters to join event or repair troops. When you are attacking forts, you are not allowed to fly across this fort.
    Rank rewards: players can kill enemies, purchase mercenaries and occupy forts to obtain Points. Rewards will be sent according to Points Rankings when the event ends.

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    For european players is verry hard to play at 4:00 AM in the night!


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      For European players is very hard to play at 4:00 AM in the night!