1.1 Raid
Players can raid enemies’ troops or bases to loot resources.

1.2 Rules
Raid troops: Players can scan a colony and choose targets to raid from the scanned list. Before players raid a target, they can check enemies’ resources and battle power.
Raid bases: players can click a base and open Raid panel.
Rules: players should defeat all defense troops one by one. Attacking side can retreat or continue after defeating a defense troop. If you retreat, you will loot a percentage of the resources from the defeated troops. If you continue but fail, your troops will be raided by the defense troops. Every time you defeat a troop, you have 60 seconds to prepare for the next battle, or you will be forced to retreat.
Scout: check defense troops’ battle power and formation.

1.3 Defense
Base defense: contains turrets and 3 troop mirrors. Each defense troop protect different percentage of resource. If 4 defense troops are defeated, all resource will be looted. Base holder can invite players in the same faction to assist. You can set maximum battle power for invitees. The invitees can generate a troop mirror with 70% BP to assist while the base holder can also generate a troop mirror of 50% BP.
Defense Management: change troops’ position, remove troops and repair troop mirrors.
Assistance request: players have certain free chances to ask for assistance every day. Assistance request will be announced in World Channel for other players to join.

1.4 Assist
Players have certain free chances to assist players in own faction every day. If the defense is successful, you will receive some resource.