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  • Bug Finding Event

    ​Dear players,
    Welcome to Iron Sky!

    During the Close Beta Test, if you discover any bugs or mistakes in the game, please reply this post in the following format:

    a. Character Name:
    b. Detail Explanation of How You Get This Bug:
    c. A Screen Shot of This Bug:

    When the close beta test is over, we will release the list of players who can claim rewards in official forum. Players from this list should contact our support team to claim rewards in the first 7 days of OBT. After confirmation, rewards will be sent to your in-game mail.


    1. Serious Bugs(Such as Game Crash, Data Loss, etc.). Rewards: 250*Diamonds
    2. Functional Bugs. Rewards: 150*Diamonds

    Note: Please reply the bugs at this post only, or you'll lose the chance to get reward. Regarding repeated bug reports, only the player who posted first will be rewarded.

    Iron Sky Operating Team
    Nov 16, 2017

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    The actual "Tourney" do nothing!


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      a. Tibald
      b. bug on tutorial lvl.14 green arrow "Waiting at Alliance Base" push but nothing


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        a. Character Name: MeetUrEnd
        b. Detail Explanation of How You Get This Bug: was raiding some ppl and this nava in 2nd raid completion killed me while i have 500k power and her troops is 243k power -_-


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          a. Character Name: MeetUrEnd
          b. Detail Explanation of How You Get This Bug: was raiding player and then i fought his mirror and i got wiped !! am 500k power and he is like 300k and now for the 2nd time i lose more than 90k res of crystals :/


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            can not play full screen


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              ok got big problem my fleet is jamed over frankfurt after fighting chapter 11 last mision of trials klicked skip batle as usual then when trayed next one bam fleet is busy got this problem for over 30 mnis now trayde refreshing page even login from difrent device cant move at all my army is stuck over frankfurt with batle status fleet is busy :/ player name KilluaHxH server 3 ps still stuck after 3h and no anser from suport its midle of dey srver time and im just mising the event used mail at what time suport works?
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                i dont get any honor from raid today there said i get 0 honor from raid today and i raid all day long pls fix this bug sosad is name in game


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                  VG330136 commented
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                  today is the same anyone read this forum?