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  • FAQ

    1. Q: How to upgrade the quality of Mercs?

    a. Click Mercs icon on the main interface, equip the Merc with 6 pieces of Gear, then you can Advance the Merc to upgrade its quality.

    2. Q: How to obtain Summoning Tickets?

    a. Buy it in Shop.

    3. Q: How to obtain Merc?

    a. You can get Merc from Summon.

    4. Q: How to obtain Wood, Stone and Silver?

    a. You can get them from the War Academy in Campaign.

    5. Q: What can be exchanged for with Arena Rudis?

    a. Merc Soulstone and high-level Gear.

    6. Q: How to create a Guild?

    a. Player can spend 100 Diamonds to create a Guild when reaching Lv18.

    7. Q: How to get Merc Soulstone?

    a. Soulstone can be obtained from Mercs Shelter, Mercs Stories, Conquest and Summon functions.

    8. Q: How to check Merc details?

    a. You check it in Mercs function.

    9. Q: How to get Merc and Gear materials?

    a. They can be obtained from Events, Clear and Mop up instances and Summon.

    10. Q: How to unlock Citadel function?

    a. It will be unlocked when you reach Lv7, you can claim Stamina, increase stats and buy resources there.

    11. Q: How to obtain Artifact?

    a. You can challenge Endless Trial in Campaign to get it.

    12. Q: What should I do with the extra Soultones after Merc is summoned?

    a. They can be used to Star up the Merc to gain more stats and unlock Talen skills.

    13. Q: How to obtain Orange, Purple Gear?

    a. They will drop at high-level instances, but challenging them at early stages isn't recommended.

    14. Q: How to increase my PWR fast and clear instances?

    a. Get 6 pieces of Gear to Advance your Mercs, upgrade Mercs, equip Artifact and upgrade skills, etc.

    15. Q: How to upgrade Guild fast?

    a. Guild member need to donate daily which will increase Guild EXP to level up. The more donations, the higher level.

    16 Q: What can I get from Daily Quests?

    a. Daily Quests give plenty of EXP. Remember to complete them all if you want to level up fast.

    17. Q: What can be obtained from Overlord?

    a. Stone, Wood, Silver, etc. The more cities your Guild occupied, the more rewards you will get.

    18. Q: How do I set my formation to get strong power?

    a. First of all, you can only deploy 5 Mercs in total. And then, each Merc plays different roles in battle: Fighter, Tank, Ranger and Support. Deploy Tank and Fighter in the front row to make sure the Mercs in the back row can deal as much DMG as they can.