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Tower of Babel

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  • Tower of Babel

    1. Unlocking Tower of Babel
    Reach a certain level to unlock Tower of Babel, click on icon to enter.

    2. Tower of Babel
    • There are 3 difficulties in Tower of Babel: Easy, Difficult, and Challenge.
    • Complete a certain stage to unlock new difficulties.
    • Main characters can’t be deployed in Tower of Babel.
    • Familiar’ stats (HP, MP, Rage, etc.) will be recorded when battle ends.
    • Defeated familiars cannot be deployed again until line-up refreshes every day.
    • Lineup refreshes every day. (Players can spend Gold to reset lineup and go back to stage 1. Blitz chances won’t reset)
    • Players can blitz to the highest stage in history once for free every day. You can also reset the stage and blitz again. It takes a few minutes to blitz and players can use Pyrum to instantly complete.
    • Players can challenge next stage after they clear current stage.
    • If players clear Boss stage, they can set a familiar to aid other players (daily rewards are capped). A familiar can only aid in a single stage and CD time will start once it’s set. The aid familiar can be used in other feature like main quest.
    • Players can only choose aid familiar from guild members.
    • Each aid costs gold or Pyrum and aid chances are capped.
    • Players can only deploy aid familiar once from each player. Once deployed, you cannot deploy other familiar from this player.
    • Players can get rewards if their aid familiars were deployed. You can check log to see the detail.
    • Babel rewards are sent according daily points ranking. Stage Points = Stage Basic Points * Stars
    • Total points ranking records players’ points. Total points= 80% Points in history + Today’s points. When total points reach a certain amount, players can receive rewards.
    • If players clear a certain stage, system will release a server-wide announcement.
    • Players can receive achievement rewards if they meet the requirement.