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  • Guild

    1. Unlocking guild
    Reach a certain level to unlock Guild, click icon to enter.

    2. Guild interface
    Basic function: Leader and vice leader can approve or reject application, kick members, revise declaration, promote, and upgrade guild.
    Guild capital: used to upgrade guild and building or unlock building and functions.
    Guild domain: a place to construct and upgrade guild buildings at the cost of guild capital and Construction. Buildings will unlock different guild functions.
    Guild Wage: players can collect wage daily. There is bonus wage for leaders and officer.
    Guild Bonus: players can grab bonus once per day and other players can also sent bonus.
    Guild Task: similar to Encounter, released by guild leader, vice leader or officer. Players can complete guild quest to raise Construction and obtain contribution.
    Guild contribution: can be used to study guild technology and purchase items.
    Guild Boss: similar to world BOSS. Players can challenge Boss a certain times per day and obtain rewards if Boss is defeated.
    Guild Fight: different fights can be unlocked and members can join.

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    when guilder is inactive.. how we can dominate him?


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      typo error. when leader was inactive,how we can dominate him?