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Blacksmith System

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  • Blacksmith System

    1. How to Open:
    When you have cleared certain stages in the main storyline, Blacksmith will be unlocked; all functions within Blacksmith system will gradually be unlocked as you level up.

    2. Upgrade
    • By upgrading a slot you will earn stat boost;
    • The stat boost affects all equipment;
    • You can upgrade each slot up to a max of Lv.100;
    • Upgrading costs you certain materials and there is a success rate for upgrading. Use Pyrum so you will have an 100% success rate
    3. Inlay
    • Sockets an equipment has is based on its quality. Make sure you have unlocked a socket with a Slotting Prick before trying to inlay gems in it;
    • Extra stat bonuses will be granted after you have inlaid gems and you are not allowed to inlay same-type gems. You can craft advanced gems;
    • You can also remove inlaid gems whenever you want.
    4. Craft
    • Reach required level to unlock corresponding designs;
    • By adding required materials you will earn a random equipment or set;
    • There are unnecessary and necessary materials.
    5. Disassemble
    • It costs you certain materials to disassemble an equipment;
    • Material cost is based on the equipment’s quality;
    • All gems inlaid will be automatically returned when you have disassemble an equipment;
    • You will also earn materials in return after disassembly;
    • The materials you can earn is based on the equipment’s quality.
    6. Reforge
    • You can only reforge rare stats;
    • Rare stats can only be reforged by their value;
    • It costs you ingots to reforge the stat you want;
    • It costs you certain materials to reforge equipment.
    7. Synthesize
    • Use materials of same level to compose a same one with 1 level higher;
    • You can use gold to earn an 100% success rate when composing, the system will use Synth Talisman first;
    • If you have failed to compose, certain materials will be returned.