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Battle System

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  • Battle System

    1. Starting Battle
    After logging in, players can enter different zones to start battles

    Main Character
    a. Energy: Used for casting skills
    b. Normal Skills: up to 3, no cooldown, costs Energy to use; generates Rage
    c. Pursuit Skills: normal skills can be upgraded to carry Pursuit effects, which will automatically be applied when normal skills are used during Pursuit
    d. Ultimate: only one, and can only be used when Rage is full. Excessive Rage grants bonus effects
    a. Normal Skills: Each Deity can equip 1 normal skill that will be automatically used when it's off cooldown
    b. Pursuit Skills: During Pursuit, these skills are used in their order in the Lineup
    c. Ultimate: same as main character
    Divine Formation:
    a. After Sacred Planes are unlocked, Divine Formations can be set in the Lineup
    b. These formations can be triggered during battles
    c. Energy: Used for triggering Divine Formations
    d. These formations grant buffs to the side that triggers them
    e. Different formations have different effects
    a. Combo mode is triggered after the target is hit by a skill (this skill will also be included in the count). In Combo mode, the Combo count is the number of consecutive times the enemy was hit by a skill
    b. If target is not hit by a skill over a set period of time, Combo mode ends (currently the default is 1 second)
    c. Combos will be rewarded based the count. The higher the count, the better the rewards (Divine Formation Points, Mana, War Spirit)
    d. In Combo mode, a mechanism will determine Combo count and reward based skills
    e. Every skill has a combo count, and it is not included in the streak until the target takes damage. If a skill deals damage multiple times, each hit has its own combo count. In other words, combo count is linked to damage.

    2.2 Strategy
    a. Beginners: Positioning, skill timing (Ultimate)
    b. Intermediate: Combo and Pursuit skills (aerial, knockback, knockdown); make use of skill effects
    c. Advanced: Team composition, combination of Deities and Skills; more TCG-like playing style