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  • Report bugs here

    Server 20 , 22 character name Clarr

    so in server 20 i just leveled to 60 .. ive seen that people say that mana sea was bug amongs other things but i though i would see it for myself before posting .. if any 1 knows a way to unlock bugged stuff do say ..

    to other people that gonna post bugs in here .. put a screenshot showing the problem .

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    hah i saw another glitch this one was fun lol ... so i made a dungeon room and my guildmate comes to help me .. and then this happens ..

    1 comes but 2 join


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      Help. My story progress got reset to Zero. I still have all my stuff, but my quests, plot progress, and titles are gone. Also, many aspects of the game are locked. I cannot level up deities, my skills cannot be used. Cannot summon. many of the things in the bottom bar are gone; only meditation, characters, friends, and backpack show up. My inventory, deities, character level, wisdom, and other stuff are fine, and plot progress soon updated to show my progress, but I can't do any plot because I need to "complete a quest" first. All quests and achievements persist, but none of their associated unlocks (like titles) appear. Please help.

      Name: Lauren Grace
      Level: 52
      Server: EU24

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        the only thing i can suggest is clear cache or switch browser ..

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      I'm on server EU26, Character name Faye, and I am not happy. I got up to rank 300 in the arena, and midday, it reset before the reset time. Also, if it reset, shouldn't the number of times you can attempt reset? I'm not trying to sound ungrateful, but I really am working towards beating my past rank of 16 from a week ago. I have been playing for three weeks, and enjoying every minute. I just really want to know what happened. Also, the event spin thing isn't working.


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        thats normal .. u probably were doing arenas before tournament started so when it started everything got reseted and u got confused ..