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  • FAQ

    Common issue

    Q:What can I do if my game doesn’t go smooth and freeze once for a while?
    A:Please click “H”icon at top right page to hide skill effect or players. It helps to improve fluency of your game.

    Q:If players spam the chat, can I block them?
    A:If they give you a bad gaming experience, you are able to blacklist them.

    Q:Which hotkey should i press to use XP skill?
    A:Press“X”to quickly use XP skill.

    Q:How to mount and demount?
    A:Press “H”to quickly mount or demount.

    Q:How to auto battle?
    A:Press“A”to auto battle. Press “Shift+A”to auto battle in large area.

    Q:What’s the shortcut key for Jump and Run?What’s stamina?
    A:Press SPACE to jump to the direction of your cursor and press “~” to haste. Both consumes Stamina. Stamina is capped at 100 and restores when you are away from battle.

    Q:Can I hide event icons?
    A:At the left side of mini-map, there are two arrows for you to click and hide icons.

    Q:What are the ranged class and melee class in game?
    A: There are 3 classes in game. Mage and Ranger are ranged class and Warrior is melee class.

    Q:How can I tell the level of gear quality and task quality?
    A:The color represent the quality of gear and task. From low to high are: White - Green - Blue - Purple - Orange. High quality gears are rare and give better attribute. High quality tasks are also rare and give better rewards.

    Q:What should I do if NPC and Monster appears with black border?
    A:It is probably an internet issue. We suggest you clear browser cache or change browser.

    Q:How to open Group tab?

    Q:Why I can’t attack other players at midnight?
    A:It is protective time from 00:00 to 8:00 every day and you can’t attack other players.

    Q:There are many remaining Hp in Hp pool but why my Hp doesn’t recover?
    A: There is a small transparent tool at Hp bar below Avatar. Drag the tool to decide at which point to recover Hp.

    Q:The skill icons in shortcut bar disappear, how can I get them back?
    A:Press “V” to open Skill tab and drag the skill to the bar.

    Q:Why EXP count seems not correct after I use double EXP card.
    A:The EXP from killing monsters go as this formula: Basic EXP * (Double EXP card+ VIP EXP bonus). If basic EXP is 78, double EXP card give 100% bonus and VIP3 privilege 10% bonus, final EXP should be 165.

    Q:What is difference between B.Diamonds (Bound Diamonds) and Diamonds?
    A:You can obtain B.Diamonds in game without top-up but Diamonds can only be obtained via top-up. Both currency can be used to purchase items in shop.
    (Note: B.Diamond can’t be used to purchase giftpack, open giftpack and chest, or invest in Investment plan.)

    Q:How to obtain orange gear?
    A:1.Log in twice to claim orange gear +6 of your class;
    2.Challenge Hero Expedition to obtain gear fragments and exchange for gear in shop;
    3.Challenge in Arena to obtain Bronze coins to exchange for gear in shop.

    Q:How to obtain Mount, Wing and Relic?
    A:1.Log in 7 days to claim these rewards;
    2.Top-up daily to obtain rewards;
    3.Kill World Boss to obtain rewards.

    Q:How to calculate gear set attribute for different levels ?
    A:When you activate higher level gear set attribute, it will replace the attribute from lower gear. For example, you get 2 new gears of Lv 40 and activate the [2 set] attribute. It will replace your 2 set attribute from Lv 30 gears but the [4 set], [6 set] and [8 set] attribute will not be replaced.

    Q:How to obtain Mount Stone?
    A:You can obtain Mount Stone from main task, instance, wildboss, shop. Upgrading material for other features can be obtained in the same way.

    Q:How to use Mount Stone?
    A:Mount Stone can be used to upgrade Mount Rank and increase Mount attribute and main character’s Battle Power. Your Mount’s look become more fabulous after upgrading.

    Q:Why my blessing is cleared?
    A:Blessing points will stay for up to 24 hours. When time is up, blessings will be cleared. Please try to finish upgrading before it is cleared.

    Q:How can I transform mount or wing?
    A:You can transform mount when your mount reaches Rank 4. Open Mount interface -> enter Upgrade tab -> Switch appearance -> Click “Ch.” .

    Q:What is World BOSS Ownership?
    A: The total damage dealt to World Boss by all guild members decides the Ownership. Killing other players will decrease Ownership. Highest Ownership means that the guild owns World Boss Rewards.

    Q:Where did the rewards go when a guild member kill a Boss? Can non-guild player get rewards after killing a Boss?
    A:When a guild member kill a Boss, rare rewards drop from Boss directly and treasure items will go to Guild Warehouse. Guild leader and Vice Leader can distribute rewards to guild members. When a non-guild player kill a Boss, rare rewards also drop from Boss directly but this player can’t enjoy the guild rewards.

    Q:What rewards can I get if I kill a Elite BOSS? Will I get more rewards if I team up with others?
    A:If you kill an Elite Boss, you will obtain abundant rewards such as Shop items, Treasure map, B.Diamonds. If you team up to kill Elite Boss, everyone can obtain their own rewards and we suggest you to make a team.

    Q:How to activate Elf?
    A:When you finish main tasks in early game, you will get elf Sphere to activate elf.
    Q:There are 4 Elves in Elf panel. How can I obtain the rest of them?
    A:You can obtain Elf from Goddess Guard Instance and Elite Instance. Successfully guard Goddess to a certain stage will get First Blood Pack including Elf Sphere. You can activate Elf or upgrade Elf skill when you collect enough sphere.

    Q:What’s the benefit of Elf?
    A:You can activate Elf to upgrade main character battle power and upgrade Elf power with Vigor to activate Elf Skill, which are different for each Elf.
    Q:What is Vigor and how to get it?
    A:Vigor is use to upgrade Elf stats and enhance attribute. You can obtain it in task or daily events.

    Q:What is Goddess Guard Instance and Elite Guard?
    A:Goddess Guard Instance and Elite Guard require players to defense Monster to protect your base. When you defense more wave of monster, you get better rewards.

    Q:How to play Goddess Guard Instance and Elite Guard?
    A:When you enter Goddess Guard or Elite Guard. You can kill monster to get defensive gear or credit. You can equip defensive gear immediately or use credit in Guard Shop to buy gear. Defensive Gear greatly increases battle power and has special function. Please make wise use of them to clear stages.
    (Tips: Gear in Goddess Guard Instance can’t be use outside this instance.)

    Q:How many chances daily for me to enter Trial Instance and Elite Instance ?
    A:When your character reaches Lv 50, Lv 30, Lv 40 and lv 50 Trial Instance will be activated. It is suggest to join Lv 50 Trial 3 times to get the most rewards. You can’t enter Trial more than 3 times. Rule Elite Instance is the same with this.

    Q:Can I join Elite Instance and Elite Guard on my own?
    A:Yes you can. We suggest you to team up.

    Q:What if I disconnect in Instance?
    A:If you disconnect from Trial, Goddess Guard, Elite Guard, and Hero Expedition, our system will keep your progress for a while. If you disconnect from Elite Instance, your progress will be cleared.

    Q:If guild leader has been offline for a long time, can we impeach leader?
    A:Our system will impeach guild leader automatically if he is offline for more than 7 days. Your guild can promote new leader after that.

    Q:What is guild power and how to increase?
    A:Guild contribution represent the activity of your guild. The more power of your guild, the higher level Guild Boos can be summoned, and guild member can claim Guild contribution giftpack every week. Guild member can Log in, chat or finish guild task to increase guild contribution.

    Q:How to upgrade guild?
    A:It consumes guild resource to upgrade guild. Upgrading guild will unlock guild building and events.

    Q:What kind of function will we activate at each level when we upgrade guild?
    A:Lv 1 Guild,can open Banquet;
    Lv 2 Guild,none;
    Lv 3 Guild,can open Guild Tree and Guild Garden;
    Lv 4 Guild,can open Guild Defence;
    Lv 5 Guild,can open Guild BOSS.

    Q:Why I see players from other guilds in my guild town? Can I attack them?
    A:You can enter other guild’s town by clicking Guild List -- To Town. You can attack other players if you are set to Guild Mode.

    Our game will update versions and the information above may not agree with the setting in game. Please understand and contact us to correct. Hope this database help. Have fun in Divine Storm!

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    how do I delete my toon and start a new one


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      mission not escort not working will not let finish orange cart?


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        Regarding VIP, can you share the amount for VIP levels until VIP 12? theres nothing mention about it


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