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  • Elf

    One of your classmates in the War School turned out to be the only descendant of Elven King. The beautiful princess was the key to open the Ancient Tome which led Dark Legion to the world of Divine Storm.
    After an adventure with you, the wounded princess became your Elven Guardian. Find lost elves and make them a great race again. It’s up to you!

    Elven Guardian
    Adventurer can use Elf Vigor to raise Elf Blood Vessel Level. Higher Elf Rank may grant the hero abundant additional stats and powerful Elf Skills.
    Complete Goddess Guard Instances to obtain Elf Sphere which can be used to summon a new elf or upgrade the elf’s skills.

    Elf Skills
    Elven Guardians have different Anger Skills. Choose skills according to different enemies, your adventure will be easier.

    Elf Rank
    Upgrade Elf Blood Vessel and Rank with rewarded Elf Vigor and items, then the Elf skills will deal more damage, and Elf can be equipped with powerful Elf Equipment, you will receive much additional stats.

    Elf Equipment
    Every Elf likes different equipment. It will make them happy to offer them exclusive equipment.