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  • Skills

    Once casted by gods, they were simplified by numerous human prophets so ordinary humans can learn. Difference races cast different skills. Thus, one must master his/her race’s skills to survive in the cruel world.

    Skill Panel
    Click the Skill icon or press V to check out your skills, which comprise of three types: Class Skills, Basic Skills and Elf Skills.
    Tip: You can drag a skill to a skill slot.

    Class Skills
    As you progress in main quest, you’ll be learning more class skills. While you’ll need to reach a certain level to learn class skills by spending skill points, which can be earned through main quest and periodic quests.

    Adv. Class Skills
    Except for Class Skills, characters of different classes will get to learn their Adv. Class skills. You can learn more of them as your level increases. Their incredible power will help you defeat anyone standing in your way!

    Warrior Adv. Class Skill
    Assault. Active skill. Deals 100% + 50 DMG to 6 targets within a certain rectangular area and stuns them for 2 s.
    Waves of War. Active skill. Increases your DEF by 10% and ATK by 30% for 5 s.
    Magic Barrier. Gives immunity to all conditions for 5 s.

    Mage Adv. Class Skill
    Ice Storm: Active skill. 6 enemies within a range of 200 from the target get 100% + 50% damage, are paralyzed for 2 s, frost magic is also unleashed for 3 sec, up to 6 targets get 50% damage per 0.5 s.
    Blink: Active skill. Teleports you towards the mouse cursor, distance: 250. You can’t go through obstacles. Blink dispels slowdown and stun effects.
    Separation: Active skill. 4 phantoms with players’ attributes emerge and fight for you, each phantom deals 10% DMG and receives 300%, and they only use normal attacks and can’t split, last 6 s.

    Ranger Adv. Class Skill
    Shock Arrow: Active skill. Deals 100%+50DMG to 6 targets within a certain rectangular area and silences them for 2s.
    Sneaking: Active skill. Hides your character for 4s. And makes him invincible for 0.5s. Deals extra damage to the targets if you’re exposed.
    Summon Treant: Active skill. Summons a Treant with a ranged attack, his attributes are equal to 50% of the player’s, lasts 10 s.

    Gear Skills
    When you have collected a whole set of level-specific astral gears, unique gear skills will then be unlocked: level-50-gear-skill Adaptation and level-70-gear-skill Absorption.
    Adaptation: When your Power is higher than your opponent’s, there is a certain chance to resist slowdown, stun, silence and dizziness effects, caused by the opponent, the bigger is the power gap, the higher is the resistance chance, max: 50%.
    Absorption: When you get hit, there is 20% chance to activate a shield, absorbing DMG for 5 s, max absorption: 160% of ATK value + 6000 DMG points.
    Basic Skills
    Basic skills comprise of four types: Mount, Meditation, Jump and Haste. Casting Jump and Haste will require a certain amount of stamina as their levels increase.

    Elf Skills
    By concluding pacts with different elves, you can cast fantastic and high DPS Elf XP Skills.
    Use Elf Pact to activate various kinds of elves and their specific XP skills.
    Click on the Anger bar next to the Skill bar or press X to use Elf Skills.
    Tip: Casting Elf Skills costs anger, which will reset after casting.