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  • Guild

    When the adventurer reaches level 38 by completing specific tasks, the guild becomes available. You can choose to either create a guild or join a guild, fighting together with your partners.

    Joining a Guild

    Open the guild list and choose one to send out your request. After you’re approved, you can join and enter the guild-exclusive map.

    Creating a Guild

    Spend diamonds to create your own guild.

    Guild Upgrade

    By participating guild events or donating to the guild, the guild receives guild resources.
    The guild leader can upgrade the guild using guild resources, after which more guild buildings and events will be unlocked. Besides, guild bank capacity will be expanded while more guild members are allowed to join in.

    Guild Events

    Various guild events unlock as the guild level increases. For instance, Guild Boss, Guild Banquet, Guild Instance, Guild Garden etc. Completing any of these will not only increase guild resources but also large amounts of EXP and items.

    Guild Skills

    Guild contribution can be used to upgrade Guild Skills and increase character stats in Guild Academy. It’s a perfect way to increase your power.

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    Seems like some information is missing? What happens when leader has not be on for over 7 days? What happens when all guild officers have been off for over 7 days? When does leadership change? When will all this information be added for Guild management so all will know?