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  • Pets

    How to get

    On the trip to uncover the Eleven Book, the adventurer will set foot in the Dragon Clan’s territory. After surviving through a series of adventures, Shadow will become the adventurer’s first pet. Since then the adventurer can collect and train their own pet.

    Pet Upgrade

    Use Pet Upgrade Items you collected from Source and Instances to upgrade your pet. Doing so you can get lots of rewards. Transformation will be unlocked when it reaches rank 4, which means it can transform to all the previous appearances.

    Pet Skill

    Skill slots will be unlocked as the pet’s rank increases. By learning more pet skills, your power will increase greatly.
    Pet Skill Books can be received from Seven Days Login and other events.

    Upgrade Blessing

    Each time you use an upgrade item on your pet, its Bless Value will rise. The higher the value is, the more chance you’ll upgrade the pet. Auto Upgrade may be very helpful.
    Tip: A high-rank rare pet’s Bless Value can only stay for a while. Please upgrade it as soon as possible.

    Pet Item

    Pet Items include claws, collars, armors and cores, all of which will exclusively affect pets’ properties instead of your character.
    Pet Items are rank-specific. If your pet’s rank increases, you can put on a higher-rank pet item on it.
    Pet Items can be found when participating events like World Boss.

    Pet Growth

    When your pet reaches rank 4, you can use Pet Stones on it to increase pet properties, namely pet power.
    More Pet Stones can be used on the pet as it rank increases. Doing so its pet power can increase.

    Pet Intelligence

    When your pet reaches rank 5, you can use Pet Mindstones on it to permanently increase its properties, namely Pet Power.
    More Pet Mindstones can be used on the pet as its rank increases. Doing so Pet Power can increase.